Music with Dr. Clifford M. Shooker
As a soloist I have experience ranging between intimate parties/ restaurants (click here for soft jazz samples) and
large outdoor festivals (click here for video from the 2012 Leesburg Fine Arts Festival)
playing saxophone over
recorded backing tracks. These tracks are professionally produced music collections that are licensed for performance.
Their studio quality allows playback over large sound systems with the quality sound of original recordings.
I understand the performer’s role as part of a team creating an event focused on your guests’ enjoyment. I come prepared
with a broad range of options, able to adapt to changes, and take special requests as needed. I can easily act as an
announcer, and/or MC as well as provide repartee with event hosts as needed for example with auctions, and award
presentations. I am happy to work with event planners and/or your emcee and follow his/her lead as necessary.
I provide a complete sound and light package that can provide for moderate sized outdoor events and large indoor
banquet halls

Themed Shows: The following “themes” can be performed either as background (usually used for parties or restaurant
settings), or with voice-over audience interaction for theater or festival style settings. The interaction can range between
light hearted comedic in nature, to gently educational with background about the instruments, and the pieces played.
  • Holidays
                 (click here for I Loves You Porgy)
  • Tribute to Big Band leaders
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Count Basie
  • Duke Ellington
  • Contemporary Jazz/rock
  • Jazz-Rock Fusion
  • Jaco Pastorius
  • Steely Dan

Charity Events -It is a privilege to be able to contribute to
charitable organizations with musical performance. I hope
to be able to continue to donate my time and energies to
organizations such as the American Cancer Society, March
of Dimes, American Heart Association, Camp Boggy Creek,
American Red Cross, Rotary Club, Camp Challenge and
others. If your event would require a larger musical group
please review my other offerings as each group that I play
with continues to donate their talents on numerous occasions.
Happy to be at Camp Boggy Creek
for the Greatest Holiday party on
earth, December 14, 2013.